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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Soundwave 2010 - The Verdict

Anyone who has been in listening distance to me since October is probably sick of hearing about Soundwave. I do apologise, as it was my first real music festival, and the music was my main kind of music. Added to that, I was to fly to Brisbane so I could attend with friends. It was held on Saturday and this is how it played out.

I had planned to go Glam Goth Metal Chick – I was making a tutu, but I ran out of tulle at about midnight on the Thursday night. As I was flying out the next day, I had a panic attack when I realised I had nothing else to wear. In the end it was my black tulip skirt (I have no idea how else do describe it) with my Contrive band shirt (I took the Aussie band shirt challenge LOL), my new (expensive) black ankle-encasing converse shoes, and my black and white stripy skull socks. I put away the glitter and heavy eyeliner because they are kinda overkill without the Goth look LOL I was looking forward to dressing up, but I guess it wasn’t to be *sigh*

I flew up after work on Friday and stayed with Richelle and Aaron in their new townhouse on the South Side. In doing so I realised that I will be visiting Brisbane more often now those two crazy kidlets are back in Queensland (whilst at the same time wishing they were still in Sydney *sob*) and inviting them to out paddock parties out at the farm LOL Anyway, the next morning Richelle and I had breakfast with Alana (who also moved back to SEQ recently) and Sam and Colin (aka Bubbles) who flew down from Townsville for SW. It was terrific! We had breakfast at a café on Brunswick Street and it was just like old times. Like we were still all back in Townsville; I really miss that camaraderie. My Sydney friends don't know each other, so we never just all hang and talk random shit. I just had so much fun hanging with my old crowd! I haven't seen Alana since she left Townsville in 2006(?), so it was good catching up – she hasn’t changed a bit! There were markets along Brunswick Street so we dawdled on the way to the RNA Showgrounds. I found this fantastic stall – Goth influenced stuff. I was talking to the owner and she is currently in the process of creating an online store, so she gave me her email – I REALLY want to buy some of her merchandise! I also found this other Gothic store on Brunswick which I WILL be going back to. They also sold Psychobilly and Steampunk items as well as some gorgeous Gothic clothing and accessories, so it is a must! I was talking to the manager, and they are also going online in the next few weeks *w00t*

So we eventually got to the RNA showgrounds for the Soundwave Festival. The Creepshow went on at 11:20, and we reached the gates at 11:40… so I missed most of their set. I was really disappointed about that, but what I saw I LOVED!! I've only seen (a lot) of youtube videos of theirs, so I have decided that I will be buying CDs (I hadn’t been able to find them at JB Hi-Fi, so will have to look around online) and try to catch them next time they are in Australia. They are a Canadian “Hellbilly”/Psychobilly band, and ever so much fun! They had so much energy and I love their sound! At the end of their set, I spotted Ari so I wandered over for a quick hello then headed back to Sami, Colin and Lillian before going off to explore the festival. There was a Berserk clothing store – I love their line… I wish I was small enough to buy their stuff, but the biggest size is too small. Cute tops, and they had these skull minis *sigh* I went to the official merch tent and bought an Isis shirt – I collect metal shirts from each big gig I go to. This one is cute. It is black with a silver print of a guy (does he have wings?) that looks like a martial arts master from his stance (he is either swinging a sword, sheaf or quill or something) and on the back is a mandala made of lyrics from “The Garden of Light”. We then had a look at You Me At Six, bumping into Colin, before heading over to see Isis at Stage 4 (the metal stage!!). Those guys were AWESOME! My only problem is I had to use my earplugs, and I wasn’t impressed with the sound. It made the lyrics clearer, cut out the reverb, but it also took away the “oomph” that you find at a metal gig *sigh* My ears are delicate these days – I fucked them up when I saw Morbid Angel last year, so I need to take precautions. I decided not to use the earplugs if I didn’t need to, because I wasn’t happy with the effect. Isis were still brilliant though despite the earplugs!! After that we wandered around, bought lunch, and went in to see Alexisonfire. My friends sat up in the stands while I went down into the crowd. That was an experience and a half! I really love those boys, and they are awesome live! I got some interesting photos LOL And had their songs stuck in my head after. Next was Paramore – not my cup of tea, so I left my friends in the stands, went in search of water, before going to save my place for Placebo!!

I found a place about 10 metres from the front of the stage to see Placebo. I got there right as Paramore started playing on the adjacent stage, and waited as more and more people arrived. Some were just trying to see Paramore but the rest of us were Placebo fans. There was a lot of jeering going on because the lead singer of Paramore keeps making comments that were funny as hell if you aren’t a die hard fan. I won’t start band bashing, because my friends are fans, but she was making a lot of silly statements. It kept us entertained while we waited for Paramore to finish playing and for Placebo to come on stage. And then Placebo did… and blew me away! Those boys… god they are brilliant! Stefan is such a poser… I think there was one song where he just lent against the speakers with his arms folded across his chest, biceps bulging LOL and other times he would pose up on the soundbox thingee at the front of the stage. Not that we minded LOL And Brian! Do I even need to comment on that man? Hot Hot HOT! And his voice…. Even his showmanship was pretty awesome! Damn but I love Placebo! They did all of their more well known songs. I was kind of disappointed that there wasn’t much coverage of Battle For The Sun. I love all their songs, so it wasn’t that I wanted them to play only old songs, but that I wanted them to play for longer!! ;-p The crowd was pretty awesome. Lots of energy, lots of fandom, lots of camaraderie. I had a flirtation with a hot mohawked guy (yum!) and was groped by a hot rockabilly chick (she then proceeded to tell the hot guy how great my boobs are LMAO). I also had an ongoing conversation going with a guy covered in glitter and a girl in leather whenever there was a break in songs (too bloody hot for leather!). Everyone commented on my hair – I’d dyed it 2 nights before LOL There was a long haired guy who had a blow up mattress and kept going crowd surfing on it. He was right next to me for most of the set, so I was getting kind of pissed off that I had to keep watching for it. Then he started letting other people go on it so it got quite distracting. I had some tall dickhead push in front of me and block my view. That is when I ditched Mohawk guy, moving so I could see the band again. I was so sad when it was over. But so excited to! I also discovered I was covered in glitter LOL I felt bad, my friends tried to find me in the pit but had no luck, and I wasn’t loosing my prime location to mosh with them. That is bad right? Selfish even? :( I ended up meeting them outside the gates after LOL After that we wandered around – went back to the market stalls so Sam could buy a mini from Beserk (so jealous) and bought dinner. We sat under a tree listening to Anthrax play, before I headed back into the pit at Stage 4 to see Trivium. I started to spin out about 4 songs into the set, and when I started having fainting spells I had to retreat to the grass. My friends had already gone ahead to save a spot for Faith No More, so I gradually headed in that direction. Jimmy Eat World had just started playing when I got there but I got confused because I thought Janes Addiction was meant to be playing. It wasn’t until Faith No More started playing that I realised that I had my time table mixed up and I HAD MISSED JANES ADDICTION COMPLETELY! *wails* I was so disappointed. I found my friends and collapsed on the grass next to them whilst Jimmy Eat World did their thing, and sucked down on a coke, trying to get some more sugar/caffeine into my system so I had enough energy for the rest of the night. Faith No More were NOTHING like I expected. They started with a cover of Reunited in a crooners style, and took it from there. They were very frenetic when they weren’t crooning. Mike Patton was ALL over the stage – he had so much energy it was exhausting just to watch. And because I was already so exhausted that I was dizzy and catching myself mid faint (I never passed out completely, just loose motor control and brain activity) Faith No More were the end of the line for me. After they did their three main songs all in a row about half way into the set I told my friends I would meet them later and needed to sit down. They ended up coming with me, and we sat in the bleachers for the rest of their set.

Okay, I LOVED Soundwave. There is no denying that. Stand out bands were The Creepshow, Isis, Alexisonfire and Placebo. Sadly I missed Meshuggah, Janes Addiction, Baroness and half of Trivium. I was so worn out that I had to skip out on Faith No More. It just seemed like SO much effort. I have ME and FM, and I just don't have the stamina needed for a full day of music! If it was spaced out over 2 days, and I didn’t have so many bands to see I think I would have been fine, but it was my first music festival, and there were too many bands I wanted to see! So while I enjoyed it, while I loved the music, the experience and hanging with friends, I don't think I will be going to a music festival again any time soon. Unless I win an all expenses paid ticket to Wacken! ;-p My ticket cost me approximately $160, plus flights to Brisbane ($400). With that amount of money I could have seen Placebo, Alexisonfire, The Creepshow, Isis, Meshuggah, Janes Addiction and Trivium when they played their “Sidewave” sideshows in Sydney. So I think that will be the route I take in the future! Then all I have to worry about is transportation to get home after the gigs LOL

Photos to follow! I haven't uploaded them from my camera yet ;D

My Facebook Updates:
Jacq Oh fuck fuckity fuck! Put my soundwave ticket somewhere 'safe'. Just looked everywhere n can't find it! $150 worth! Fly to Bris tomorrow. I’m so screwed..
Thurs at 08:23

Jacq will be in Brisbane til Monday arvo. Let me know if you wanna catch up! Soundwave is gonna go OFF! ;D So many terrific bands!!!
Thurs at 21:53

Jacq found my Soundwave ticket @ 4:30am. Just wish I could have finished my ballerina skirt, but ran out of tulle about 12am. It was the basis of my outfit, so I guess I have 2 change it completely, because the top doesn’t match the skirt. Band shirt it is! Maybe Contrive because Morbid Angel is blah. All the others are in the wash.. I wish I could wear my Opeth shirt! ANYWAY! SOUNDWAVE! HOOYAA! BRISBANE TONIGHT! *crazy dance*
Fri at 09:36

Jacq is having brekkie with Sami, Colin, Alana n Richelle in Brunswick St! Soundwave in an hour!
Sat at 11:02

Jacq needs to cut some peeps of @ the knees. Been waiting in @ front of the Pit for Placebo for an hour. But a tall dickhead just moved in front of me. Now I won’t be able to see Brian!
Sat at 17:18

Jacq Well I’m fucked. Saw The Creepshow, Alexisonfire, Trivium, Placebo and Isis. Still got Jane’s Addiction n Faith No More... I’m fucked. Bed please!
Sat at 21:01

Jacq Oh shit! Misread the Soundwave timetable! I missed Jane’s Addiction :(
Sat at 21:55

Jacq FM & ME/CFS don’t mix with music festivals. Fun but I’m buggered n still more 2 go. Then walk 2 Alana’s? Fuck I’m stupid. Learning experience!
Sat at 22:12

Jacq just discovered the secret Soundwave handshake @ Brisbane airport. Sydney here I come *sigh*
Yesterday at 15:08

Amanda Palmer's Sydney Secret Ninja Gig

Firstly I need to ask if you know The Dresden Dolls? Awesome arent they?! Well, I follow Amanda Palmer on Twitter and Tumblr, as well as Facebook and Myspace. She is such a facinating lady. On a little side note, she and Neil Gaiman recently announced their engagement. Both have a cult following, and them together? Well just lets say that there are a lot of estatic and disappointed people around the world LOL

Last friday I checked twitter and she had a Secret Ninja Gig planned. It was on the steps of the Opera House, she said to dress crazy, and that there would be a bookswap. Mel said Kristy was going so we met up at Circular Quay. You could tell who was going.There is something about the people attracted to Avant Guarde type of music LOL Kristy wore her lab coat, I wore my crazy-arsed skirt I made for my Monster Mash party a few years ago, and wore to Franger's going way party last year as Bellatrix Lestrange. Awesome skirt... but I am biased. Anyway, we went, despite the rain and forcast storm. And ended up sitting RIGHT AT HER FEET! Im not a crazy stalker anymore, but that is worth some kudos! Sitting right at the feet of an amazing musician I admire while she plays the ukulele and answers random questions. I got some great video, and some photos etc. I actually had to zoom out, she was so close... One question she was asked was "where do we go when we sleep". She had a "what the fuck" expression on her face for a few moments, and then she said "why dont we call Neil?!" You can guess how loud the response to that question was! His answer was "We go down so deep inside ourselves that we all connect." They are so cute together... And he didnt even swear at her for calling him at 4am LOL

Amanda on the phone to Neil:

After all the amazing ukukele ninja-ing, including her singing unbrella when it started pissing down with rain (awesome!) we went under the stairs of the Sydney Opera House and she did some more amazing ninja-tastic performaces. One guy even stood up and did an impromtue magic show! :D We had the bookswap - I got a copy of The Little Prince for myself, and nabbed a copy of On The Road for Kristy. I then asked Amanda if she could sign them for us. I will upload more photos later, but here is the video of Amanda Palmer covering The Cure:

Yes, I know this is a very stilted and vague blog post, but it was over a week ago, and I kept forgettting to blog about it LOL More photos to follow.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Originally uploaded by From A Whisper To A Scream

I was at the Amanda Palmer Ninja gig at the Sydney Opera House on 12/02/2010. As well as the divine Ms Palmer playing her ukekele, she had a QnA session. One person asked where we go when we sleep. Amanda couldnt settle on an answer (well it was left field!) and called Neil (Gaiman, her very lovely fiance!) despite the fact that is was 4am where he was. This was his answer:
"We go down so deep inside ourselves that we all connect."
Did I mention i was at her fucking feet? So awesome... and they are so sweet together <3

Monday, February 15, 2010

Amanda Palmer covers The Cure

I went to Amanda Palmer's (You may know her from the Dresden Dolls) Secret Ninja Gig at the Sydney Opera House on Friday night. I sat at her feet and was able to get some video and photos... oh, and she called neil!! more info about all this later, but first, here is the video I took of her covering The Cure's "In Between Days" on her ukulele.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Soundwave Itinery - What are you seeing?

I am trying to organise which bands to see at the Brisbane Soundwave Festival, and who to see them with. Here is the lineup:

All Timetables
^My Chemical Romance droped from the list and is replaced with Jimmy Eat World - not my kind of music, but I thought I would give you the heads up if you didnt already know.

If you are going, do you know which bands you are seeing, or may want to see? If so, can you comment below? I am trying to figure out my itinery for the day :D

Definately wont miss:
7:00 - 8:00 Trivium
4:15 - 5:15 Placebo (I also really wanted to see Meshuggah, but it is on at the same time, and I have been a fan of Placebo for longer)
2:45 - 3:30 Alexisonfire
1:40 - 2:40 Isis

Bands I am thinking I would like to see: Faith No More, Janes Addiction, The Creepshow, Anthrax, Clutch.
Bands that I cant remember if I like or not: White Chapel, Baroness, This is Hell, Anti-Flag, Shinedown, It Dies Today

The only bands I wont negotiate are Isis, Alexisonfire, Placebo and Trivium. I am easy, for the rest of the day... I am thinking I really want to see Anthrax and Clutch, and FNM and JA will bring back memories, I've liked the videos I saw of The Creepshow, and a friend whose taste I admire is a fan of Shinedown. My friend Rat just said I should really see Baroness. What do you reccomend/what will you be seeing?
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